November sees Filament double its artistic capacity in preparation for a sizeable GoCompare project. The work consists of four separate ads for the financial services comparison brand. Shot in Sussex Hills and in Shepperton Studios, Filament will be creating digital matte paintings, 3D assets, set-extensions and compositing for over seventy shots.

Joining Filament’s core team are Richard Nelson on Maya, and veteran Flame artists Jon Berridge, Dave (Skip) Clifton, Angus Wilson and Ally Burnett, with Dave Gibbons crafting the DMPs and Tim Andrews on After Effects. Together the team will deliver the four films (1 x :60, 2 x :30 cutdowns, and 3 x :20) by mid December.

The Project Studio is already bursting with new kit including an extra four Autodesk Flare systems to complement the latest Flame, Flame Assists, Nukes, Mayas and motion graphics.

Alongside this, Filament will continue its current scheduled work and attended sessions with its clients and agency producers.

It’s going to be busy, and inspiring, and quite frankly we love nothing better than the creative thrill of going into Turbo drive!