Cobra ‘Train’

‘Train’ was a joy to put together. The online work included lots of little nips and tucks to draw the eye of the viewer to the main storyline. The film was shot on super 16mm so any set extension had to have the same look. The 30 second ad was part of a larger campaign Hani worked on. It included three lifestyle films commissioned by The Guardian’s Travel section.

Mumbai’s chaotic sights and sounds
Mumbai street fashion adventure with Manou
Mumbai’s best street food

  • Client: BMB
  • Date: 03 / 2012
  • Agency: BMB
  • Creative: Julia Martens
  • Agency Producer: Lucie Georgeson
  • Production Company: Somesuch & Co
  • Director: Daniel Wolfe
  • Producer: Dougal Meese
  • DoP: Robbie Ryan
  • VFX Supervisor & Lead: Hani AlYousif