Go Compare ‘Tour’

We’re very proud to present ‘Tour’, the last of the Go Compare films we’ve been working on. It took us four weeks of intense CG, matte painting and compositing to put this all together, especially the opening shot.

  • Client: Fold7
  • Date: 02 / 2014
  • Agency: Fold7
  • ECD: Ryan Newey
  • Creative: Dominic Martin
  • Agency Producer: Mays Al-Ali
  • Production Company: Another Film Company
  • Director: Jeff Stark
  • Producer: Vanessa Hetherington
  • Shoot Supervisor & CG Lead: Richard Nelson
  • VFX Supervisors: Hani AlYousif & David 'Skippy' Clifton
  • Digital Matte Paintings: Dave Gibbons
  • Post Producer: Laura Roderick