Gocompare.com ‘Go Go Power’

‘Go Go Power’ is Filament Post’s most ambitious commercial yet

Completing one :60, several cutdowns and three extra :20 films with a total of 78 VFX shots in 19 days, Filament is burning red hot!

The latest Gocompare.com campaign to hit our screens this week has been post-produced by one of London’s newest facilities. Filament’s fourth Gocompare.com campaign with Fold7 has proven to be the most ambitious with 78 visual effects (vfx) shots. The 60 second commercial takes us to the Llandofsavingmoney at dawn where the GoCo heroes are preparing for another day of saving the world from inflated insurance and energy bills.

After supervising the shoot in the Sussex Hills and Shepperton Studios, the 11-strong team at Filament focused on art direction, modeling and building several views of the town, expansive set extensions on bluescreen plates, and complicated rig removal.

Founder and Flame operator Hani AlYousif explained “The real challenge with this commercial was the volume of shots and the tight deadlines but we were confident that with our expert team we could accomplish it with the level of artistic integrity that the films required. We worked creatively with Director Olly Williams to deliver the up-tempo commercial, seamlessly and on time.”

Award winning director Olly Williams expressed his “gratitude and total respect to the A-team of London’s finest operators and artists” who accomplished what was, in his words an “Herculean feat of getting the jobs done on time and in magnificent style.”

  • Client: Fold7
  • Date: 12 / 2014
  • Agency: Fold7
  • ECD: Ryan Newey
  • Creatives: Fold7
  • Agency Producer: Georgia Dickinson
  • Director: Olly Williams, Another Film Company
  • Producer: Simon Monhemius
  • VFX Supervisor: Hani AlYousif
  • CG Artists: Rich Nelson, Minh Nguyen Ba, Penny Shaw
  • Flame: Hani AlYousif, Jon Berridge, Ally Burnett, David ‘Skip’ Clifton, Jamie Crofts, Angus Wilson
  • Motion Graphics: Tim Andrews
  • DMP: Dave Gibbons
  • Post Producer: Laura Roderick