Gocompare.com ‘Mick & Mike Sofa Car’

Mick & Mike’s completely loopy Sofa Car was not road worthy. Well it had an A-frame rig attached to the front with a truck pulling it around the countryside. We had to remove said rig, re-create the road under and around the sofa and add a shadow. Oh, and we had to make the countryside look lush and green even though the trees were bare and it was shot in November. There were a couple of shots where we had to do some creative head replacement as well.

We actually finished this film along with ‘Go Go Power‘ and ‘Sleepwalkers‘ in the mad dash before Christmas and we’re delighted it’s finally on air!

  • Client: Fold7
  • Date: 12 / 2014
  • ECD: Ryan Newey
  • Creatives: Fold7
  • Agency Producer: Georgia Dickinson
  • Director: Olly Williams, Another Film Company
  • Producer: Simon Monhemius
  • VFX Supervisor: Hani AlYousif
  • Flame: Hani AlYousif, David 'Skip' Clifton & Jamie Crofts
  • DMP: Dave Gibbons
  • Post Producer: Laura Roderick