Huawei P8 ‘Director Mode’

Both ‘Mark the Hammer’ and ‘Human Safari’ were shot using the P8 camera in Milan. This one and ‘Light Painting’ were shot in Madrid. There was quite a lot of clean up and split-screen comping for this film.

  • Client: Isobar
  • Date: 06 / 2015
  • Client: Huawei
  • Agency: Isobar
  • Creatives: Andy Thirsk & Dan Latham
  • Agency Producer: Mays Al-Ali
  • Production Company: Partizan
  • Director: Debbie Anzalone
  • Producer: Natalie Wetherell
  • Post Production: Filament Post
  • Flame: Hani AlYousif & Jamie Crofts
  • Post Producer: Pippa Halfnight