IBM ‘Exceeding Expectations’

OgilvyOne challenged us to create a modern day version of the Eames’ ‘Power of Ten’ film. Today’s version watches as a father orders a toy giraffe on his phone. We slowly pullback from an over-the-shoulder perspective, out over Canary Wharf, then above London, and eventually planet Earth. After a brief pause in space to consider the exponential facts being shared, the camera crashes back down through the multiple layers, through the phone and into the underground fibre optic cable network beneath the father’s feet. We end in a white world with an IBM z Systems computer and a cuddly toy giraffe.

The slow pace on the pullback meant all the plates had to be pin sharp and precisely lined up. Accurate movement of the intricate camera move was essential to maintain a smooth pullback, counteracting the unfolding scale. The 2D plates slotted into the CG earth at which point the Maya camera took over, showing the International Space Station in its accurate position over Earth.

When the camera move returns to the handset, the Flame team hands over to a motion graphics artist who used After Effects to create the fibre network world.

Key to timely progress of the work, was our in-house editor who cut the different sections as the Flame and motion graphics milestones were achieved.

We engaged Jungle studios to craft the sound design who delivered a subtly engaging track. The full project was produced in-house.

  • Client: IBM
  • Agency: Ogilvy One
  • Creative Directors: Jon Andrews & Emma De La Fosse
  • Agency Producer: Alison Cooper
  • Post Production: Filament Post
  • VFX Supervisor: Hani AlYousif
  • Flame: Jamie Crofts
  • CG: Rich Nelson & Penny Shaw
  • Motion Graphics: Tim Andrews
  • Editor: Will Barnett
  • Sound: Jungle
  • Sound Engineer: Owen Griffiths
  • Post Producer: Pippa Halfnight