Mitsubishi Channel 4 Idents

We have just updated the Mitsubishi C4 idents. Originally created at Smoke & Mirrors, the film has been updated to reflect changes to the car. New alloy wheels, extrapolated out of provided CAD data of the full car, were composited over the existing wheels and black wheel arches were added in line with the updated car model. The Post pipeline involved getting a 3D track of the wheels and car chassis using PFTrack. The wheels were then lit in Maya to match the existing global light of the room and reflective properties of the metal, before being composited in Flame. The final result is a seamless update to an already dynamic film.

  • Client: Golley Slater
  • Date: 05 / 2015
  • Creative Director: Dave Abbott
  • Producer: Amanda Lowit
  • Flame: Hani AlYousif & Jamie Crofts
  • CG: Rich Nelson & Penny Shaw
  • Post Producer: Ben Spalding