‘Father’s Day’

We really enjoyed adapting our favourite dad in a tutu. This year tutu dad makes another appearance but with a twist.

As beard grooming is so popular, the client wanted to replace last year’s portrait cushion with the latest grooming kit. The challenge facing Filament Post was the differing product dimensions. A straight swap in Flame would not have worked. The solution? Replace the whole arm. WCRS shot the same actor holding the new pack on a light background which we then match-graded in post, tracked and comped in the new arm. Et, voila!

  • Client: WCRS
  • Date: 06 / 2015
  • Agency: WCRS
  • Creative Director: Chris Ringsell
  • Creatives: Katy Hopkins & Steve Hawthorne
  • Producer: Alex Honnor
  • Flame: Jamie Crofts & Hani AlYousif
  • Producer: Ben Spalding