Looking at this very charming 60 second film, you may think that everything is in camera and it mostly is… mostly. Marrying our digital matte painting and compositing talents, we rebuilt the opening shot and relocated the red boat from the Docklands to a fictional coastal town.

COUPLETS shot 01

For the end shot, our CG team worked through several bird flocking simulations to offer a selection of forms until the shape and flight paths were simplified to form a stylised heart. Subtle tweaking in various shots included quietly stabilising a closeup of Tom’s hand holding Ruth’s necklace, and making the inscription legible.

In addition to the main 60″ film, we also delivered two 30″s and three 10″s within the same timeframe.

‘Couplets’ was the first job started and delivered in Filament’s new home on Newman Street, fully utilising our new Flame, Flame Assists, Mayas and lightening fast fibre infrastructure.

  • Client: WCRS
  • Date: 09 / 2014
  • Agency: WCRS
  • Creative Director: Chris Ringsell
  • Creatives: Katy Hopkins & Steve Hawthorne
  • Agency Producer: Louise Bonnar
  • Production Company: Blink
  • Director: Jonathan Herman
  • Producer: Georgina Filmore
  • Flame: Hani AlYousif
  • Flame Assist: Jamie Crofts
  • CG: Rich Nelson & Penny Shaw
  • DMP: Dave Gibbons
  • Post Producer: Laura Roderick