Organ Donation Wales

Working with Golley Slater on the latest Organ Donation Wales campaign has involved a happy combination of 3D and 2D creativity. Before the post work got underway, Hani packed his trusty sharpies and headed to Wales for the three day shoot. Mix a friendly agency team and sunny Cardiff in May – a great start!

Briefed to design a fully CG countdown clock to inset both into the actors’ skin and under fabric, there were two key challenges. The team was keen to create a natural look for the implant, whilst ensuring the clock was legible under clothing. For the latter, a balance of fabric transparency and glowing numbers did the trick.

As the ads were shot twice, one for each of the spoken English and Welsh scripts, our go-faster Flame drove the four day turnaround.

We are currently working on the next six films in the campaign.

  • Client: Golley Slater
  • Date: 06 / 2015
  • Creative Director: Dave Abbott
  • Producer: Amanda Lowit
  • Production Company: Rogue
  • Director: Marc Evans
  • Producer: Sophie Weldon
  • Flame: Hani AlYousif & Jamie Crofts
  • CG: Rich Nelson & Penny Shaw
  • Post Producer: Ben Spalding