Samsung ‘Celebrity Tantrum’

UPDATE 3: We just found out that ‘Celebrity Tantrum’ won 3 Golden Lion awards in Cannes 2016! Silver in the Promo category, Silver in Media and Bronze in Mobile!

UPDATE 2: And the awards keep on coming! To date ‘Celebrity Tantrum’ won a D&AD pencil, a One Show Silver Pencil in New York, a Facebook Video award along with the three AdFest awards!

UPDATE: We’re thrilled to hear that Peter Lydon won 3 AdFest Awards for our Samsung film: Gold in Rich Media Advertising for Mobile and Bronze awards in both Branded Content and Creative use of Technology. Congrats Peter and Mindseye London! We’re thrilled to be part of this wonderful project.

Occasionally, a project comes through the doors that allows our VFX team to have some creative fun. This month, Peter Lydon of MindsEye selected Filament Post to work on his new vision for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

Starring Kristian Nairn, the Irish actor and DJ best known for his portrayal of Hodor in the HBO fantasy ‘Game of Thrones’, the films are clearly a nod to Nairn’s character and the TV hit, but present a world that is intentionally different.

Nairn enters through an arch where a world of castles, mountains, waterfalls and a lone cow is revealed. A busy dragonfly darts about the screen and we’re instantly immersed in a magical world with Nairn standing at an impressive 6’11”.

Unexpectedly, he turns and speaks directly to the camera. Nairn challenges our choice of tablet for watching his performance. With disbelief, he explains our inferior tablet couldn’t possibly display the High Def quality essential to truly appreciate the time and effort spent creating his character or that of the VFX team creating a fantasy world. The effects team are prompted to turn off the effects leaving us with the pitiful image of an empty green screen studio, where even the cow is a guy kitted out in a motion capture suit.

The whole green screen scenario is deliberately shabby to make the gag even funnier. From a post point, this meant everything had to be rotoscoped, including leaves on trees! Panoramic digital matte paintings covered the whole camera move as it swooped from the top of the arch down to into the scene at ground level. Additionally, Richard Nelson and his CG team created the distant waterfall and modelled and animated the darting dragonfly.

The end result is a fun and irreverent film, which playfully reminds us that the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet is the perfect device for viewing high definition film. The spots are now appearing on Australian TV before running on Samsung’s website.

  • Client: Samsung Australia
  • Product: Galaxy Tab S2
  • Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney
  • Art Director: Adrian Ely
  • Copywriter: Nigel Clark
  • Agency Producer: Rachel Devine
  • Production Company: MindsEye
  • Director: Peter Lydon
  • Executive Producer: Max Yeoman
  • Producer: Jonny Kight
  • Post Production: Filament Post