Simba ‘Mattress Test’

Here’s our new Simba spot from Royle Productions and Sir John Hegarty’s incubator, The Garage Soho.

The new spot focuses on the fact that people “do more in bed than just sleep”.

A mattress is put through its paces by being pounded and rolled upon simulating rigorous use. Only there are no actors in this scenario, instead Simba’s actual test machines pummeling the mattress, highlighting the heavy demands placed upon them.

We worked closely with director, Barry Kimber and producer, Jeremy Barnes on extensive clean up, removing dust, scratches and labels from all the machinery. They retimed and stabilised the bottom-shaped plungers, so that the motion feels more staccato and increased the pace as the edit progresses.

The final packshot was rebuilt in 3D and created a subtle camera move to bring life to the otherwise static end frame.

The final result is an amusing film that will no doubt appeal to their grown up audience and raise some eyebrows along the way.

The ad launches on Sunday (17 July) during Casino Royale on ITV, and will run for six months

  • Client: Royle Productions
  • Date: 07 / 2016
  • Client: Simba
  • Agency: The Garage Soho
  • Creative Director: Sir John Hegarty
  • Agency Producer: Frances Royle
  • Production Company: Royle Productions
  • Director: Barry Kimber
  • Producer: Jeremy Barnes
  • Edit House: Final Cut
  • Editor: Nic Watkins
  • Post Production: Filament Post
  • Flame: Hani AlYousif & Jamie Crofts
  • Post Producer: Pippa Halfnight